ron selico

Ron Selico played the drums on Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia' on the "Hot Rats" album.

Ron Selico had already been playing with James Brown for a couple of years. At the time of the "Hot Rats" sessions he was in the Shuggie Otis band.




  1967 james brown- james brown sings raw soul (bongos)  
  1968 james brown- live at the apollo (1968) (bongos)  


frank zappa: hot rats
   (1969, lp, usa, bizarre)

  1971 albert king- lost session (drums)  
  1972 shakey jake harris- the devil's harmonica (drums)  
  1972 john mayall- jazz blues fusion (percussion, drums)  
  1974 martin & finley- dazzle 'em with footwork (drums)  
  1991 james brown- star time (percussion)   
  1992 john mayall- room to move (1969-1974) (drums)  
  1993 bobby womack- midnight mover (drums)  
  1995 frank zappa- strictly commercial  (drums)  
  1996 james brown- foundations of funk: a brand new bag: 1964-1969 (bongos)  


random notes

the opening number, "peaches en regalia," is a perfect example of the mastery zappa had over the guitar, his backup band and the studio. over 25 years since it was released, it still sounds as fresh today as when the record first came out. ian underwood's one-man horn section adds to the track, as does the frantic drumming of ron selico.

about all i can tell you is that selico was in shuggie otis' band around the time both appeared on hot rats.  here's a purty pitcher from the back cover of mayall's _jazz blues fusion_. (see above)

     from: interview with john "jabo" starks, james brown drummer
we had a percussionist who came into james's band for a year or two, ron selico. he had some good riffs and he had good hands. i learned some things from ron.




     sessions for albert king's "the lost sessions" were august

     28th 1971, and included ron selico, john mayall, and ernie watts.


     sessions for shakey jake harris' "the devil's harmonica"

     were september 1971, and included ron selico, john mayall,

     and elliot ingber.


     sessions for mayall's "jazz blues fusion" were:

     november 18, 1971 in boston ma

     december 3-4, 1971 at hunter college, new york


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