erik smith trio

finger magic
    - incl. 'sy borg' (frank zappa)

2004 cd japan gats production gpts 017

recorded on sep 22 & 23, mixed on sep 24, and mastered on oct 10, 2003 in oslo, norway

roy powell: piano
frode berg: bass
erik smith: drums

produced by erik smith & takashii kasai

  1. hokum  (roy powell)
  2. lunar  (roy powell)
  3. chovendo na roseira  (antonio carlos jobim)
  4. daddy fonk  (roy powell)
  5. my romance  (richard rogers and lorenz hart)
  6. whisper to me  (roy powell)
  7. all blues  (miles davis)
  8. sy borg  (frank zappa)
  9. the seat of your pants  (frode berg)
  10. zico  (roy powell)