elvis schoenberg presents the orchestre surréal

manic voodoo lady

2009 cd usa private release / es-1004


the orchestre surréal
plus special featured artists

all songs arranged, orchetrated and conducted by elvis schoenberg


  1. foxy lady  (j.hendrix)
  2. purple haze  (j.hendrix)
  3. fire  (j.hendrix)
  4. manic depression  (j.hendrix)
  5. hey joe  (j.hendrix)
  6. little wing  (j.hendrix)
  7. voodoo child  (j.hendrix)
  8. if 6 was 9  (j.hendrix)
  9. all along the watchtower  (b.dylan)
  10. the star spangled banner  (f.s. key)