ass and hammer

sunhine supershits!

2017 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam records / kunaki

= a joe newman project

ass and hammer are:
  waldo ham: stick, mixed polenta
  shammy mandelbrot: abdomen
  deke claypool: bone saw
  frida calamariana: situational grafting
  bob smith: clarinet
  pinky muffleton: feigned irony


  1. precious and few
  2. brand new key
  3. build me up buttercup
  4. hocus pocus
  5. chirpy chirpy cheep cheep
  6. my pal foot foot
  7. una lacriam sul viso
  8. dancing in the moonlight
  9. her lips get in the way
  10. i am... i said
  11. viens me faire oublier
  12. under pressure