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Here's FZ's words from "The Tncredible History Of The Mothers", june 1968:

"Then we decided we were going to the big city -  Los Angeles  - which was about thirty miles away. We had added a girl to the group, Alice Stuart. She played guitar very well and  sang well. I had an idea for combining certain modal influences into our basically country blues sound. We were playing a lot of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf-type stuff. Alice played good finger-style guitar, but she couldn't play "Louie, Louie,"  so i  fired  her."

info from Prune Rooney:

You should really contact Alice about this because Frank didn't "fire" her, in this interview he was being sarcastic, he was making an inside joke. Frank and Alice were very close, and the bottom line is that their musical styles weren't a match.

  alice stuart: all the good times
    (1964, lp, usa, arhoolie)
  alice stuart: full time woman
    (1971, lp, usa, fantasy 8403)
  alice stuart: believing
    (1972, lp, usa, fantasy 9412)
  soundtrack: fritz the cat / heavy traffic
    (1996, ??)
  alice stuart: really good
    (1996, cd, usa, ??)
  alice stuart: crazy with the blues
    (1999, cd, usa, ??)

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