john tabacco & nigey lennon

the miseducation of willie the hill
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions / feat. candy zappa, ed palermo, ike willis

2014 download -- bandcamp

john tabacco: musical arrangements, lyrics, editing, vocals, programming, mixing, etceteras
nigey lennon: final libretto, female vocals and dialog

** recorded live at the 13th annual zappanale in Bad Doberan, Germany, july 28, 2002
  john tabacco: lead vocal, rhythm guitar, remixing
  nigey lennon: slide guitar, vocals
  candy zappa: vocals
  mark bermand: keyboards
  ed palermo: sax
  jay rosen: tuba
  nina hennessey: background vocals
  paul adamy: bass
  ray marchica: drums
  joe meo: guitar and sax
special guest
  ike willis: vocal assistance and organ on 50/50


  1. the non objective reality promo
  2. the non objective reality show (theme)
  3. the miseducation of willie the hill (part 1)
  4. the miseducation of willie the hill (part 2)
  5. the pirates of old northport (jt version)
  6. let's make the water turn black  (frank zappa)
  7. it's just a black guitar (re-mix)
  8. it must be a cigar (live in bad doberan)    **
  9. how could i be such a fool (vers. 1)  (frank zappa)
  10. jelly roll gum drop - you didn't try to call me  (frank zappa)
  11. fifty fifty  (frank zappa)  **
  12. story of the missing bubble gum
  13. steps forward / 1 step back (live)
  14. the closer you are (live on wusb)
  15. eddie (palermo) are you kidding?  (frank zappa)