sun ra

the road to destiny - the lost reel collection volume six

2010 cd usa transparancy 0306

1973/10/18 concert 'the gibus', paris, france

sun ra: electric keyboard, space instruments, vocals
john gilmore: tenor sax, drums
marshall allen: alto sax, flute, oboe, piccolo
dnny ray thompson: baritone sax, flute
danny davis: alto sax, alto clarinet, flute
james jacson: bassoon, flute, percussion
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, flute
akh tal ebah: trumpet, flugelhorn
kwami hadi: trumpet, flute
alzo wright: cello, viola, drums
tommy hunter: drums
shahib: conga
odun (russell branch): conga
roger aralomon hazoume: percussion, balafon, dance
math samba: percussion, fire eater
ronny boykins: bass
june tyson: space ethnic voices
ruth wright: space ethnic voices
cheryl banks: space ethnic voices
judith holton: space ethnic voices


  1. intro
  2. astro black
  3. discipline 27
  4. discipline 27-II
    sun ra - june tyson recitation and cosmo-drama
  5. prepare for the journey to other worlds
    swing low sweet chariot
    why go to the moon