sun ra

dance of the living image - the lost reel collection volume 4

2007 2cd usa transparancy 0304

1974 live/studio recording

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet
akh tal ebah: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
john gilmore: sax, percussion, vocals
marshall allen: sax, flute, vocals
danny ray thompson: sax, flute, vocals
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, vocals
dale williams: guitar, vocals
clifford jarvis: drums
james jacson: percussion
atakatune: percussion
damon choice: percussion

produced by brian albers  

disc one

  1. dance of the living image  (s.ra)   0'50
  2. untitled 1  (s.ra)   6'17
  3. sometimes i'm happy  (trad.)   5'24
  4. astro nation  (s.ra)   3'43
  5. untitled 2  (s.ra)   7'13
  6. untitled 3  (s.ra)   17'06

disc two

  1. hard hearted hannah (instrumental version)  (c.bates)   21'47
  2. a. hard hearted hannah (vocal version)  (c.bates)   9'45
    b. passin' gas  (s.ra)
  3. sophisticated lady  (d.ellington)   14'24
  4. watusi  (s.ra)   4'59