sun ra

the shadows took shape - the lost reel collection volume 3

2007 2cd usa transparancy 0303

1972 live recording

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet, percussion
akh tal ebah: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
john gilmore: sax, percussion, vocals
pat patrick: sax, bass
marshall allen: sax, flute
danny davis: sax, flute, clarinet
danny ray thompson: sax, flute
larry northington: sax
eloe omoe: bass clarinet
lex humphries: drums, percussion
harry richards: drums
aye aton: drums
atakatune: percussion
alzo wright: percussion
odun: percussion
june tyson: vocals

produced by brian albers

disc one

  1. outer space  (s.ra)   18'01
  2. stardust from tomorrow  (s.ra)   5'40
  3. exotic forest  (s.ra)   16'20
  4. untitled 1  (s.ra)   2'24
  5. shadow world  (s.ra)   5'41

disc two

  1. untitled 2  (s.ra)   13'54
  2. strange worlds  (s.ra)   6'36
  3. enlightenment  (s.ra, h.dotson)   2'40
  4. outer spaceways incorporated  (s.ra)   2'02
  5. prepare for the journey to other worlds  (s.ra)   7'39
  6. the shadows took shape  (s.ra)   2'24
  7. a. friendly galaxy  (s.ra)   12'39
    b. watusi