sun ra

club lingerie - audio series volume two

2006 2cd usa transparancy 0237

1985/12/14 concert 'club lingerie', hollywood, ca, usa

sun ra: keyboards-vocals
ronnie brown: trumpet
tyrone hill: trombone
john gilmore: sax, percussion, vocals
pat patrick: sax
marshall allen: sax, flute
danny ray thompson: sax, flute, percussion
ronald wilson: sax, piccolo
eloe omoe: bass clarinet
carl leblanc: guitar
tyler mitchell: bass
avreeayl ra: drums
james jacson: percussion, bassoon
june tyson: vocals

produced by mr. foon  

disc one

  1. untitled 1   (s.ra)   13'58

  2. a. discipline 27-II      (s.ra)    6'55
    b. somewhere there

  3. untitled 2   (s.ra)   6'18

  4. yeah man !   (n.sissle-r.robinson)   4'15

  5. lights on a satellite   (s.ra)   5'45

  6. day dream (billy strayhorn)    7'37

  7. drop me off in harlem (duke ellington)     8'05

  8. mack the knife   (k.weill)   16'00

disc two

  1. queer notions   (c.hawkins)   2'59

  2. love in outer space   (s.ra)   7'38

  3. untitled 3   (s.ra)    4'15

  4. over the rainbow    (arlen, harburg)  5'27

  5. a. space is the place      (s.ra)   9'10
    b. we travel the spaceways
    c. outer spaceways incorporated