sun ra and his solar-myth arkestra

the solar myth approach (vol 1)

2002 cd italy sunspots spot 509

originally released in 1971

recorded at sun studios, new york, 1970 - 1971

sun ra: clavinet, keyboards, moog synthesizer, piano
ahk tal ebah: mellophonium, trumpet
ali hassan: trombone
artie jenkins: vocals
clifford jarvis: percussion
june tyson: vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet
lex humphries: percussion
nimrod hunt: hand drums
pat patrick: flute, baritone sax
ronnie boykins: bass
james jacson: drums, flute, oboe

produced by jean georgakarakos & jean luc young

side one

  1. spectrum

  2. realm of lightning

  3. satellites are spinning  

side two

  1. legend

  2. seen III, took

  3. they'll come back

  4. adventures of bugs hunter