le sun ra & his cosmo discipline arkestra

a night in east berlin / my brothers the wind & sun n.9

1995 cd uk leo records cd lr 149

[1] "a night in east berlin", originally released on lp on leo records in 1987
  recorded in concert on june 28, 1986
  sun ra: piano, organ, synth, vocals * tyrone hill: trombone * pat patrick: alto sax * marshall allen: alto sax, flute * john gilmore: tenor sax, percussion, vocals * danny ray thompson: bass sax, bongos * elo omoe: alto sax, bass clarinet * james jacson: bassoon, ancient ehyptian infinity drum * bruce edwards: electric guitar * rollo redford: electric bass * earl 'buster' smith: drums
[2] "my brother the wind..."
  recorded in concert on january 30, 1988
  sun ra: synth * michael ray: trumpet * ahmed abdullah: trumpet * tyrone hill: trombone * marshall allen: alto sax * john gilmore: tenor sax, perc * danny ray thompson: bass sax * kenny williams: bass sax * elo omoe: alto sax, bass clarinet, contr. alto clarinet * james jacson: bassoon, ancient egyptian infinity drum  billy bang: violin * june tyson: violin, vocals * john ore: bass * luqman ali: drums * earl 'buster' smith: drums * art jenkins: vocals * pharaoh abdullah: percussion


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  8. my brothers the wind & sun n.9  (sun ra)  [2]