(2000, 2cd, uk, leo records / golden years gy 5/6)

sun ra arkestra

live at praxis '84

2000  cd uk leo records / golden years gy 5/6

originally issued on 3 lps in 1985

recorded live at the 'orpheus theatre', athens, greece, februay 27, 1984

sun ra: piano, organ, synth, voice
ronnie brown: trumpet, flugel-horn, tambourine
marshall allen: alto sax, clarinet, flute, oboe, kora, electric valve instrument, percussion
eloe omoe: alto sax, bass clarinet, contr-alto-clarinet, flute, electric valve instrument, percussion
john gilmore: tenor sax, clarinet, timb, electric valve instrument, voice
danny ray thompson: baritone sax, alto sax, flute,bongo, electric valve instrument
james jacson: basoon, flute, oboe, ancient egyptian infinity drum, electric valve instrument,, voice
rollo redford: bas
matthew brown: conga
don mamford: drums, percussion
salah ragab: conga, percussion
myriam broche: dance
greg pratt: dance

produced by leo feigin

disc one

  1. untitled improviation 1  (sun ra)

  2. discipline 27-II / children of the sun  (sun ra)

  3. nuclear war  (sun ra)

  4. unidentified blues  (sun ra)

  5. fate in a pleasant mood  (sun ra)

  6. yeah, man!  (sissle)

  7. space is the place / we travel the spaceways / outer spaceways incorporated / next stop mars  (sun ra)

  8. untitled improvisation 2  (sun ra)

  9. untitled improvisation 3  (sun ra)

disc two

  1. mack the knife  (brecht, weill, blitzstein)

  2. cocktails for two  (coslow, johnston)

  3. over the rainbow  (arlen, harburg)

  4. satin doll  (ellington, strayhorn)

  5. big john's special  (henderson)

  6. carefree (egyptian fantasy)  (sun ra)

  7. days of wine and roses  (mancini)

  8. theme of the stargazers / the satellites are spinning  (sun ra)

  9. they'll come back  (sun ra)

  10. enlightenment / strange mathematics / rhythmic equations  (dotson, sun ra / sun ra)