sun ra


2008 cd usa inner city records ic 1020

re-release of the 1978 vinyl album

1976 studio recording

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
ahmed abdullah: trumpet
craig harris: trombone
victor chancey: horn
john gilmore: sax, vocals
marshall allen: sax, flute, vocals
danny davis: sax, flute
danny ray thompson: sax, flute
eloe omoe: bass clarinet
tony bunn: bass
larry bright: drums
james jacson: percussion, bassoon

produced by sun ra

  1. the mystery of two   (s.ra)
  2. interstellar low-ways   (s.ra)
  3. neo-project #2   (s.ra)
  4. cosmos   (s.ra)
  5. moonship journey   (s.ra)
  6. journey among the stars   (s.ra)
  7. jazz from an unknown planet   (s.ra)