sun ra and his arkestra

art forms of dimensions tomorrow

2017 cd uk grey scale gsjgz001cd

re-releases of the 1965 saturn lp

recorded at 'coreographers' worksop' in nyc in 1961 - 1962

sun ra: piano, sun harp, dragon drums, spiral percussion gong
john gilmore: tenor sax, bass clarinet, dragon drums, space drums
marshall allen: alto sax, bells, sticks, drums
pat patrick: baritone sax, clarinet, thunder drums, drums
ronnie boykins: bass
clifford jarvis: drums (5)
ali hassan: trombone
clifford thornton: trumpet (5)
john ore: bass (6,7)
c.scoby stroman: drums (2,3,6)
thomas hunter: drums (1,7)
manny smith: trumpet (4)

produced by ihnfinity inc. and alton abraham

  1. cluster of galaxies   (sun ra)
  2. ankh   (sun ra)
  3. solar drums   (sun ra)
  4. the outer heavens   (sun ra)
  5. infinity of the universe   (sun ra)
  6. lights on a satellite   (sun ra)
  7. kosmos in blue   (sun ra)
  8. chicago southside