sun ra and his arkestra

jazz in silhouette

2009 cd eu gambit records 69309

re-release of "jazz in silhouette" (1959) and "sound sun pleasure!!" (1970) + 2 bonus tracks

[1] "jazz in silhoute", studio recording, chicago, late 1958
[2] "sound sun pleasure!!", recorded in chicago, late 1958
[3] recorded in chicago, september 1958
[4] recorded in chicago, late 1957 or early 1958

[1] "jazz in silhoute"
sun ra
: p, celeste 8
hobart dotson
: tp, tp-mouthpiece 1,4
bo bailey
: tuba
james spaulding
: as, fl
marshall allen
: as, fl, as-mouthpiece 1,4
john gilmore
: ts
pat patrick
: bs, fl
charles davis
: bs
ronnie boykins
: b, vocals 4
william cochran
: d

[2] "sound sun pleasure!!"
sun ra: p, celeste 12
hobart dotson: tp
james spaulding: as
marshall allen: as, fl
john gilmore: ts
pat patrick: bs, as, fl
charles davis: bs
ronnie boykins: b
william cochran: d
hattie randolph: vocals (on ' 'round midnight' and 'back in your own backyard')

[3] bonus track
sun ra: el-p
lucious randolph: tp
john gilmore: ts
pat patrick: bar
sam thomas: el-g
william 'bugs' cochran: d
alvin fielder: d
jim herndon: timpani

[4] bonus track
sun ra: p, solar-p, egyptian sun bells
lucious randolph: tp
nat pryor: tb
marshall allen: fl
james spaulding: as
john gilmore: ts, solar bells, tamb
pat patrick: bar, rhodesian bells, solar-d
ronnie boykins: b
robert barry: d
jim herndon: timpani

  1. enlightenment (dotson-ra)    [1]

  2. saturn (ra)    [1]

  3. velvet (ra)    [1]

  4. ancient aeithopia (ra)    [1]

  5. hours after (e.j. turner)    [1]

  6. horoscope (ra)    [1]

  7. images (ra)    [1]

  8. blues at midnight (ra)    [1]
  9. 'round midnight (hanighen-monk-williams)   [2]

  10. you never told me that you care (hobart dotson)   [2]

  11. hour of parting (schiffer-spoliansky)   [2]

  12. back in your own backyard (jolson-rose-dreyer)   [2]

  13. i could have danced all night (lerner-loewe)   [2]
  14. great balls of fire  (ra)   [3]
  15. planet earth   (ra)   [4]