sun ra

outer spaceways incorporated

1998 cd ger freedom cd741085

cd re-issue of the 1971 "pictures of infinity" vinyl album
(disc 1 of a 3cd box entitled "calling planet earth")

including one previously unreleased track ('intergalactic motion')

recorded in new york city in 1968

sun ra: piano, clavioline
ahk tal ebah: trumpet, drum
kwami hadi: trumpet, drum
ali hassan: trombone, drum
teddy nance: trombone, drum
bernhard pettaway: trombone
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute, oboe, drums
danny davis: alto saxophone, flute
robert cummings: bass clarinet
pat patrick: baritone saxophone, flute, drums
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, drums
ronnie boykins: bass
nimorod hunt: drums
james jackson: drums, flute
clifford jarvis: percussion

all compositions by sun ra

  1. somewhere there

  2. outer space incorporated

  3. intergalactic motion

  4. saturn

  5. song of the sparer

  6. spontaneous simplicity