sun ra and his solar arkestra

sun ra visits planet earth / interstellar low ways 

1992 cd usa evidence 22039

previously released as "sun ra visits planet earth" (1966), and "interstellar low ways" (1967)

recorded in chicago, illinois between 1956 and 1960

[1] sun ra visits planet earth
sun ra: piano, electric piano, bells, percussion * pat patrick: alto & baritone saxophones, bells, drums * marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute * james spaulding: alto saxophone * john gilmore: tenor saxophone, bells, tambourine, drums * charles davis:  baritone saxophone * dave young: trumpet * art hoyle: trumpet * lucious randolph: trumpet * julian priester: trombone * nate pryor: trombones * victor sproles: bass * ronnie boykins: bass * william cochran: drums * robert barry: drums * jim herndon: tympani, timbales, boo-bams

[2] interstellar low ways
sun ra: piano, chimes, gong * marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute * pat patrick: alto & baritone saxophones, flute, bells, claves * john gilmore: tenor saxophone * phil cohran: trumpet * george hudson: trumpet * ronnie boykins: bass, gong * william cochran: drums * edward skinner: drums, percussion

produced by ihnfinity inc. and alton abraham

reissue produced by jerry gordon

  1. reflections in blue

  2. two tones

  3. el viktor

  4. saturn

  5. planet earth

  6. eve

  7. overtones of china

  8. onward

  9. somewhere in space

  10. interplanetary music

  11. interstellar low ways

  12. space loneliness

  13. space aura

  14. rocket number nine takes off for the planet venus