sun ra and his solar arkestra

other planes of there

1992 cd usa evidence 22037

originally released in 1966 on the saturn label

recorded early 1964 at the 'choreographers workshop', new york city

sun ra: piano
walter miller: trumpet
teddy nance: trombone
bernard pettaway: bass trombone
john gilmore: sax, bass clarinet, percussion
pat patrick: sax, flute, percussion
marshall allen: sax, flute, oboe, percussion
danny davis: sax, flute, percussion
ronnie boykins: bass
lex humphries: drums
roger blank: drums

produced by ihnfinity inc and alton abraham
reissue produced by jerry gordon


  1. other planes of there   (sun ra)   21'55

  2. a. sound spectra  (sun ra)    7'35
    b. spec sket   (sun ra)

  3. sketch   (sun ra)    4'45

  4. pleasure   (sun ra)    3'05

  5. spiral galaxy   (sun ra)     9'55