(1970, lp, usa, saturn esr 520)
(2013, 2cd, usa, cvsd cd009)

sun ra


1970 lp usa saturn esr 520

    (2013, 2cd, usa, cvsd cd009) - a lot of bonus material

recorded march 10, 1963 at the choreographer's workshop in new york city, ny, usa

sun ra: piano, piano strings, space organ, clavioline, gong
walter miller: trumpet
ali hassan: trombone
john gilmore: tenor sax, clarinet, percussion
marshall allen: alto sax, oboe, percussion
danny davis: alto sax, clarinet, percussion
pat patrick: baritone sax, clarinet, percussion
robert cummings: bass clarinet
art jenkins: space voice and percussion
ronnie boykins: bass
tommy hunter, drums, percussion, reverb

side one

  1. biosphere blues
  2. intergalaxtic research
  3. earth primitive earth
  4. new planet

side two

  1. continuation to jupiter festival

cd bonus material - disc two

  1. blue york
  2. meteor shower
  3. the myth
  4. ihnfinity
  5. conversation of the universe
  6. the beginning of
  7. endlessness  (previously released as 'the rainmaker' on "When Sun Comes Out")
  8. red planet mars  (previously released as the title track on "When Sun Comes Out")
  9. cosmic rays / the next stop mars