sun ra

college tour vol.I

2010 2cd usa esp 4060

this album includes the 1970 "nothing is..." album

recorded in may, 1966 during tour of n.y. state colleges

disc one = the first set of the 1966/05/18 concert
disc two = part of the second set of the 1966/05/18 concert, plus the soundcheck

sun ra: piano
john gilmore: tenor sax
marshall allen: alto sax
pat patrick: baritone sax
robert cummings: baritone clarinet
teddy nance: trombone
ali hassan: trombone
clifford jarvis: drums
ronnie boykins: bass and tuba
james jackson: log drum and flute
carl nimrod: sun horn and gong

all compositions by sun ra

disc one

  1. burton greene introduction

  2. sun ra and his band from outer space

  3. the shadow world

  4. interpolation

  5. the satellites are spinning

  6. advice to medics

  7. velvet

  8. space aura

  9. the exotic forest

  10. theme of the star gazers

  11. outer space ways incorporated

  12. dancing shadows

  13. imagination

  14. the second stop is jupiter

  15. the next stop mars

disc two

  1. the satellites are spinning

  2. velvet

  3. interplanetary chaos

  4. theme of the star gazers no. 2

  5. the second stop is jupiter no. 2

  6. we travel the spaceways

  7. nothing is

  8. is it eternal

  9. state street

  10. the exotic forest no. 2