sun ra

antique blacks

2009 cd usa art yard cd010

re-release of the 1974 album (saturn 81774)

recorded live on 1974/08/17 in philadelphia 

sun ra: rocksichord, mini moog, vocals, declamation
john gilmore: tenor sax, percussion, vocals
marshall allen: alto sax, percussion, vocals
danny davis: alto sax
akh tal ebah: trumpet, vocals
clifford jarvis: drums, vocals
james jackson: bassoon, percussion, vocals
atakatune: congas
sly: electric guitar

produced for art yard re-release by peter dennett

all compositions and arrangements by sun ra

  1. song no.1

  2. there is change in the air

  3. the antique blacks

  4. this song is dedicated to nature's god

  5. the ridiculous "i" and the cosmos me

  6. would i for all that were

  7. space is the place

  8. you thought you could build a world without us