sun ra and his intergalactic myth science solar arkestra


2008 cd uk art yard cd008

re-release of the 1974 album, including bonus material

1971/12/17 concert 'the ballon theatre', cairo, egypt

sun ra: tiger organ, moog synth, upright piano, vocals
john gilmore: tenor sax, percussion, drums, vocals
marshall allen: alto sax, flute, oboe, percussion, vocals
danny thompson: baritone sax, flute, vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet, conga, vocals
danny davis: alto sax, flute, vocals
pat patrick: electric bass, vocals
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, vocals
hakim rahim: alto sax, flute, vocals
larry northington: alto sax, conga
tommy hunter: drums, vocals
clifford jarvis: drums, vocals
lex humphries: drums, vocals
june tyson: vocals, dance
verta grosvenor: vocals, dance
gloristeena knight: vocals, dance
richard wilkinson: light show

  1. theme of the star gazers

  2. discipline #2

  3. the shadow world

  4. enlightenment

  5. love in outer space

  6. third planet

  7. space is the place

  8. horizon

  9. discipline #8

  10. we'll wait for you

  11. the satellites are spinning