sun ra and his omniverse jet-set arkestra

beyond the purple star zone / oblique parallax

2010 cd uk art yard cd 005

re-release of two saturn albums

recorded at the "jazz center" in detroit, december 31, 1980 - january 01, 1981

sun ra: synth, organ, vocals
john gilmore: tenor sax, percussion, vocals
marshall allen: alto sax, percussion
michael ray: trumpet, vocals
danny thompson: baritone sax, flute, percussion
noel scott: alto sax, vocals
june tyson: vocals
tyrone hill: trombone, vocals
eloe omoe: bass clarinet
craig harris: drums
tommy 'bugs' hunter: drums
al evans: flugelhorn
jaribu shahid: bass
samarai celestial: drums
vincent chancey: french horn
francisco 'ali' mora: drums, percussion
tani tabbal: drums, percussion
bright moments: congas
the bell brothers: bells
john ore: bass
james jacson: vocals, ancient egyptian infinity lightning drum
skeeter mcfarlan (?): electric guitar
taylor richardson (?): electric guitar

  1. beyond the purple star zone (ra)

  2. rocket number nine (ra)

  3. immortal being (ra)

  4. romance on a satellite (ra)

  5. planetary search (ra)

  6. oblique parallax (ra)

  7. vista omniverse (ra)

  8. celestial realms (ra)

  9. journey stars beyond (ra)