sun ra arkestra

friendly galaxy

1993 cd uk leo records lr 188

1991/04/11 concert banlieues bleues, montreuil, france

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
michael ray: trumpet
ahmed abdullah: trumpet
jothan callins: flugelhorn
tyrone hill: trombone
john gilmore: sax, clarinet, percussion, vocals
marshall allen: sax, flute, oboe
charles davis: sax
noel scott: sax, bass clarinet
bruce edwards: guitar
john ore: bass
earl "buster" smith: drums
clifford barbaro: drums
james jacson: percussion, bassoon
elson nascimento: percussion
june tyson: vocals, violin
tc: vocals

produced by leo feigin 

  1. intro percussion   4'16   (s.ra)
  2. prelude to a kiss   6'17   (d.ellington)
  3. blue lou   4'52   (e.sampson, i.mills)
  4. lights on a satellite   5'36   (s.ra)
  5. alabama   9'06   (s.ra, j.callins)
  6. fate in a pleasant mood   6'57   (s.ra)
  7. we travel the spaceways   11'05   (s.ra)
  8. space is the place   9'43   (s.ra)
  9. a. saturn rings
    b. friendly galaxy   12'14
  10. a. melody
    b. they will come back   5'58