the residents

19 mysterious tracks

september 1984, ralph records released "assorted secrets".  the tape was a combination of two unrelated recordings: a live test appearance of "the mole show" and a bunch of live in the studio performances, recorded between 1981 and 1983.

in 2000 the tape got rereleased on cd.

a little while ago, i got hold of a cdr containing "19 mysterious tracks".  the source for these tracks probably are the same live in the studio performances from the early eighties.

the track-listing looks a bit like this:

1. i hear you got religion
2. i hear you got religion
3. bach is dead
4. die in terror
5. talk of creatures (never released)
6. love leaks out (never released)
7. give it to someone else
8. the letter
9. bach is dead
10. the letter
11. festival of death
12. festival of death (continues)
13. festival of death (end)
14. walter westinghouse (never released)
15. woman's weapon (never released)
16. monkey and the bunny (never released)
17. ? (never released)
18. ? (never released)

- Kim Duchateau