repercussion unit

John Bergamo is the driving force behind The Repercussion Unit, a collective of percussionists. The line-up of the Repercussion Unit varies. From time to time, Ed Mann also takes part it.

In 2003, The Repercussion Unit was invited to the Jazz Festival Frankfurt, Germany, to play a Frank Zappa inspired set. The set was called "Tribal Ritual Focusing On The Rhythms Of FZ".


  repercussion unit: christmas party
    (1984, k7, usa, robey records rux) = john bergamo, feat.ed mann


repercussion unit: in need again
    (1987, lp, ger, cmp 31 st) = john bergamo, feat.ed mann
  repercussion unit: r.u.nuts - repercussion unit goes abroad
    (1991, video, usa, ??) = john bergamo, feat.ed mann  // - pal system video


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