johnny rotella
discography - contributions

1939 crosby, bing- bing crosby & the andrews sisters (reeds)

1946 dorsey, tommy- post-war era (sax)

1947 kenton, stan- city of glass: stan kenton plays bo (baritone)

1958 reiner, rob- peter and the wolf

1968 nilsson, harry- aerial ballet (woodwind)

1973 steely dan- countdown to ecstasy (saxophone)

1974 tim buckley- look at the fool (horn)

1975 manchester, melissa- melissa (saxophone)

1975 nilsson, harry- duit on mon dei (saxophone)

1975 axton, hoyt- southbound (horn)

1975 nevins, nanci- nancy nevins

1975 pure prairie league- two lane highway (clarinet, keyboards)

1975 fahey, john- old fashioned love (saxophone, sax)

1976 muldaur, maria- sweet harmony  (clarinet, sax)

1976 nilsson, harry- that's the way it is (saxophone)

1976 sober, errol- day dreamer (wind)

1976 mcdonald, country joe- paradise with an ocean view (saxophone)

1977 toni & terry- joy (clarinet)

1977 diamond, neil- i'm glad you're here with me tonigh (reeds)

1977 axton, hoyt- road songs (clarinet)

1979 okeefe, danny- global blues (clarinet)

1979 cats [2]- 9">love in your eyes (saxophone)

1979 steely dan- greatest hits (saxophone)

1985 steely dan- decade of steely dan (horn)

1988 austin, patti- real me (clarinet)

1989 garcia, jerry- compliments of garcia (clarinet)

1991 don & dewey- jungle hop (drums)

1992 league of their own- league of their own (saxophone)

1993 steely dan- citizen steely dan (saxophone)

1994 bailey, mildred- rockin' chair lady (1931-1950) (reeds)

1995 goodman, benny- benny goodman and his great vocalis (saxophone)

1996 diamond, neil- in my lifetime                                                      

1997 day, doris- move over darling (ocarina)

1997 best of afrs jubilee, vol. 16 (saxophone)

1997 boone, pat- fifties: complete (saxophone)

     burch, vernon- i'll be your sunshine (clarinet)

     garrett, lee- heat for the feets (flute, sax)

     pomeranz, david- truth of us (clarinet)

     schatz, warren- warren schatz (woodwind)

     electra glide in blue- electra glide in blue (woodwind)