hinds brothers

the brilliant sound

2000 cd usa omni sonic 004

recorded january - april 1999

peter hinds: rhythms
john hinds: all other instruments

produced by hinds brothers

engineered, recorded and mixed by john hinds

edited by peter hinds

all compositions by john hinds

  1. super strings
  2. silent glockenspell
  3. shadowns in the mist
  4. the truth  (paul e)
  5. sound in
  6. reflections in a pond at dawn
  7. controlled burn
  8. canvas of fire
  9. solar breeze
  10. time out and beyond
  11. have fun whith it  (paul e)
  12. kind of snarkly
  13. stick it, pump it
  14. super collider
  15. super collider (version)
  16. the brilliant sound