plonsey, hinds, hinds,ben-ya'akova

another curiosity piece

1995 cd usa omni sonic 002

dan plonsey: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, eb clarinet, laotian mouth organ, voice
john hinds: keyboards, melodica, harmonica, voice, soprano saxophone, electronics
peter hinds: drums, percussion, voice
mantra ben-ya'akova: voice, percussion

produced by hinds

engineered and recorded by john hinds
edited by peter hinds

all compositions by plonsey-hinds, except where noted

  1. see through mirror

  2. prismatic reflection

  3. conscious soil

  4. cross currents

  5. another curiosity piece

  6. waves

  7. interlude

  8. the devil's slide

  9. splinters  (plonsey, hinds, ya'akova)

  10. call to the white house  (plonsey)