dennis rea

views from chicheng precipice

2010 cd usa moonjune records mjr034

recorded between 2006 and 2008 in seattle

dennis rea: electric and resonator guitars, melodica, naxi jaw harp, kalimba, dan bau (vietnamese monochord)
alicia allen: violin
greg campbell: drums, percussion
ruth davidson: cello
james dejoie: bass flute, bamboo flute, bass clarinet
caterina de re: voice
stuart dempster: trombone, conch shell
will dowd: drums, percussion
elizabeth falconer: koto
john falconer: shakuhachi
jay jaskot: drums
paul kikuchi: percussion
kevin millard: baliset

track 1 composed by dennis rea; tracks 2-5 traditionals, arranged by dennis rea

produced by dennis rea

  1. three views from chicheng precipice (after bai juyi)

  2. tangabata

  3. kan hai de re zi ("days by the sea")

  4. aviariations on "a hundred birds serenade the phoenix"

  5. bagua ("eight trigrams")