pollo del mar

year of the rooster
    - incl. 'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)

2006 cd usa private release pdmcd-5


jefferson turner: bass
jeremy rexford: drums
jono jones: guitar
ferenc dobronyi: guitar


  1. introduction by phil dirt
  2. annabelle lee - red asphalt
  3. dark side of the mushroom > as above, so below
  4. 7 sisters, 7 seas > hall of the mountain king
  5. the wild, wild west medley
  6. introduction by naotaka seki
  7. nightsticks
  8. introduction of shigeo naka
  9. the cruel sea
  10. tsunami struck
  11. belgian introduction
  12. peaches en regalia
  13. a flash of green
  14. band introduction
  15. the bells of st. kahuna
  16. jack the ripper