tommy peltier feat. judee sill

chariot of astral light

2005 cd usa black beauty


tommy peltier - farfisa organ, guitars, vocals
judee sill: farfisa organ, guitar, organ, vocals
dave parlato: bass
wolfgang melz: bass
art johnson: guitar
lynn blessing: farfisa organ
david bearden: harp
barry mcmanus: drums
judy hemmel: english horn
bobby toris: congas
bob harris: keyboards
kathryn reynolds: vocals
mope dido: congas

all songs composed by tommy peltier except where indicated

  1. 10,000 greyhounds

  2. time after time (sammy cahn, julie styne)

  3. oneness

  4. butterflies

  5. red rider

  6. beautied out

  7. pocket socket

  8. chariot of astral light

  9. here today

  10. oneness

  11. smile all the while

  12. my friend