pawlowski, trouvé & ward


2016 cd bel jezusfactory jf046

split release

craig ward   
rudy trouvé   
mauro pawlowski   


  1. mount betsy (as circumscribed by ancient tides)   (craig ward)

  2. in the wet maze   (craig ward)

  3. island to any island   (craig ward)

  4. sunless   (craig ward)

  5. attention: music  (mauro pawlowski)

  6. quiz master ghost animal 1: the sadness inside  (mauro pawlowski)

  7. in ancient times  (mauro pawlowski)

  8. quiz master ghost animal 2: 'get it right'  (mauro pawlowski)

  9. men in sheds I

  10. quiz master ghost animal 3: a questionnaire fantastic  (mauro pawlowski)

  11. men in sheds II  (mauro pawlowski)

  12. attention: murmurhor  (mauro pawlowski)

  13. quiz master ghost animal 4: just here, no why  (mauro pawlowski)

  14. it's gone  (mauro pawlowski)

  15. in starlight (wemust be alive)  (mauro pawlowski)

  16. may the 19th  (rudy trouvé)

  17. my nerves are stretched so far they have become like violin strings  (rudy trouvé)

  18. sometimes  (rudy trouvé)

  19. torch  (rudy trouvé)

  20. opening the window on 16th june 2013  (rudy trouvé)

  21. the building in the woods  (rudy trouvé)

  22. thin can  (rudy trouvé)

  23. at a different speed  (rudy trouvé)

  24. german organ  (rudy trouvé)

  25. life support  (rudy trouvé)

  26. slow dancers  (rudy trouvé)

  27. september 19714 (short)  (rudy trouvé)