mauro antonio pawlowski

dynamic wind load man

2011 cdr bel barbar ph n 001

limited edition cdr release that was sold during the mauroworld festival 2011/01/22 in antwerp, belgium

mauro pawlowski


  1. home is where the exile is
  2. level dejustment
  3. yoh
  4. in the sheds
  5. sleeping through a wonderful evening
  6. harvester of rust
  7. ashamed to die
  8. tall, rich & beautiful
  9. village of low points
  10. i was in drama beach II
  11. two birthplaces
  12. monkey hands / perplexing trousers  (saxophone mix)
  13. prologue
  14. theme from swamps of simulation
  15. disco zero b.c.
  16. he's a crosser
  17. the dream riot ladies