jacob miller / gene pritsker

manhattan in charcoal

2015 cd usa naxos / composers concordance comcon0021

jacob miller: libretto
gene pritsker: composer

jacob miller: voice of 'narrator / poet'
charles coleman: baritone, voice of 'artist'
lynn norris: soprano, voice of 'beatrice'
eleanor taylor: soprano, art dealer / critics chorus
constance beavon: alto, art dealer / crititcs chorus
arnie rodriguez: tenor, art dealer / critics chorus
doug shapiro: bass, art dealer / critics chorus
margaret lancester: flute
roni gal-ed: oboe
michiyo suzuki: clarinet
damian primis: bassoon
branz hackl: trumpet
mike seltzer: trombone
david rozenblatt: percussion
derin oge: piano
lynn bechtold: violin
mioi takeda: violin
edmundo ramirez: viola
anneke schaul-yoder: cello
mat fieldes: bass

produced by gene pritsker, jacob miller and sheldon steiger

  1. when even the village feels empty
  2. on the avenue of art
  3. the world of imagination
  4. shivering
  5. to what are we drinking
  6. outsider art
  7. in the mist, stone cheeks glisten
  8. celebraging manhattan in charcoal
  9. the pinch of being broke again
  10. art dealers dance
  11. just give me something that will sell
  12. the charcoal simplicity of our city
  13. just the way i draw
  14. the way that girl holds on to his arm
  15. shoeprints in the rain slicked sidewalk
  16. is there someone else
  17. loitering at the tall door of your heart
  18. now that i've destroyed his art
  19. but there is and has always been only you
  20. the night's familiar black sheet is ripped
  21. new york's challenge