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picture disc - front
picture disc - back

mauro pawlowski & the grooms

black europa

2004 cd bel future archive networks 04

    (2004, 12" picture disc, bel, future archive networks / conspiracy records core022)

mauro pawlowski: guitar, vocals
jan wygers: bass
david joris: synths
steven janssens: guitar
herman houbrechts: drums

mixed by luc van acker
mastered by hay zeele

words and music by mauro pawlowski

side one

  1. black europe
  2. driving to the fire
  3. make it complicated
  4. doing something right
  5. fear life
  6. all over me

side two

  1. terrorist flower
  2. corruption
  3. trip to beg
  4. the unreachable
  5. tired of being young