juecheng chen and gene pritsker

operatic electric

2020 cd usa naxos / composers concordance records


juecheng chen: countertenor
gene pritsker: composer, dj

  1. downloand meditations electronic  (gene pritsker, john dowland)
  2. when i am laid remix  (henry purcell, gene pritsker)
  3. renascence  (gene pritsker, edna st. vincent millay)
  4. vocalise remix  (sergei rachmaninoff, gene pritsker)
  5. only knowing  (gene pritsker)
  6. lasciatemi morire! remix  (claudio monteverdi, gene pritsker)
  7. not marble, nor the gilded monument  (gene pritsker, william shakespeare)
  8. take one  (gene pritsker)
  9. echoes through the ages  (mark kostabi, arr. gene pritsker)
  10. sonnet XI - live remix  (gene pritsker, william shakespeare)
  11. wit  (gene pritsker)