gene pritsker

william james' varieties of religious experience - a chamber opera by gene pritsker

2012 cd usa naxos / composers concordance comcon007


the cast
  chester layman: narrator
  marc molomot: vocals (tenor)
  lynn norris: vocals (soprano)
  chanda rule: vocals / gospel voice (mezzo soprano)
  charles coleman: vocals (baritone)
  kim pritsker: voice
  gene pritsker: electric guitar
  greg baker: electric guitar
  dan barrett: cello
  larry goldman: contrabass

  1. william james's introduction

  2. consciousness of a presence

  3. everything else might be a dream

  4. the less real of the two

  5. closer to me than my own breath

  6. william james's genuine perceptions of truth

  7. tolstoy

  8. william james's conclusion