the ed palermo big band

oh no! not jazz!!
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2014 2cd usa cuneiform records rune 380/381


  ed palermo: alto sax, arrangements
  paul adamy: electric bass
  ray marchica: drums
  bob quaranta: acoustic piano
  ted kooshian: keyboards
  bruce mcdandiel: guitar, vocals
  katie jacoby: violin
  cliff lyons: lead alto sax, clarinet
  phil chester: 2nd alto sax, flute, piccolo, soprano sax
  bill straub: lead tenor sax, clarinet
  ben kono: 2nd tenor sax, flute, oboe
  barbara cifelli: baritone sax, eb mutant clarinet, bass clarinet
  charles gordon: lead trombone
  joe fiedler: 2nd trombone
  matt ingman: bass trombone
  ronnie buttacavoli: lead trumpet
  john hines: 2nd trumpet
  bonnie buttacavoli: 3rd trumet
  bonnie hines: 4th trumpet
special guests
  napoleon murphy brock: vocals on 1 (disc 1)
  john palermo: mandolin  1, 4, 6, 7 (disc 1) and 4, 6 (disc 2)
  gary schreiner: accordion  5 (disc 1)
  mike james: vocals  8 (disc 1), 10 (disc 2)

disc one

  1. inca roads  (frank zappa)
  2. the uncle meat variations  (frank zappa)
  3. little umbrellas  (frank zappa)
  4. the dog breath variations  (frank zappa)
  5. chunga's revenge  (frank zappa)
  6. lumpy gravy  (frank zappa)
  7. the black page #2  (frank zappa)
  8. america drinks and goes home  (frank zappa)

disc two

  1. moosh  (ed palermo)
  2. prelude to an insult  (ed palermo)
  3. why is the doctor barking?  (ed palermo)
  4. prelude to a catastrophe  (ed palermo)
  5. a catastrophe (is just around the corner)  (ed palermo)
  6. let's reproduce  (ed palermo)
  7. an escape nonetheless  (ed palermo)
  8. nostalgia revisited (for susan)  (ed palermo)
  9. the insult  (ed palermo)
  10. good night, everybody! god love ya!  (ed palermo)
  11. she's so heavy  (ed palermo)