don pardo

born: feb. 22, 1918

don's been in a couple of movies since the zappa concert, but it looks like the only role he can get is as a game show announcer.  where is he now?

the following is from vladimir sovetov's "ziny" page:

      from: (headly westerfield)
i am an american and even i do not understand the importance of don pardo in popular culture. by all rights don pardo should just be a nameless voice with nbc, an american network. he annouces for the network. but his name came into public usage when on a particular gameshow (i can't remember which one) the gameshow host would say, "don pardo, tell her what she's won!" ever since then the words and persona of"don pardo" has been fodder for comedians (weird al, amany others), and other popular culture outlets. don pardo is now an icon.

     from: (todd hawley)
well, he was the announcer for years on the original "jeopardy" w art fleming in the 60s & 70s (i guess that's when it was on). that's where i knew him from. he also was the announcer on snl when it first started; gilda radner even did a bit about pardo's house & family & pardo did it in his usual game-show announcer voice.  those of you here in the bay area that listen to kfog know him as the original announcer for dave morey's "10 at 10."

     from: (robert garvey)
i think the album was recorded around the time frank did an appearance on saturday night live, during which he'd performed "i'm the slime" and "approximate/the purple lagoon", the latter while john belushi cavorted as the samurai jazz musician. members of the horn section on live in new york are from the saturday night band, lou marini and tom malone. frank probably hit on the idea of adding don pardo for the sophisticated narration in the concert(s) during while at nbc for saturday night live. yes, i'd agree that don's place in american popular culture merited his inclusion in frank's entertainment plans.

      from: biffyshrew (
at the time ziny was recorded, he was the announcer for the (then relatively new) tv comedy/variety show _saturday night live_. he was already so well known as a game show announcer before he got the gig with snl (which he still does, afaik) that he was a bit of a trash-culture icon. his voice is the very definition of the smarmy aura of tv game shows, which snl used to humorous effect.

he was the original announcer on the price is right, when it first aired in november, 1956 on nbc.  bill cullen was the original host.  it aired from 1956-1964/65 on nbc.

     from: robert s. brundrett jr. (    
he was announcer on the "kraft television playhouse" in the late 40's, early 50's.



frank zappa: zappa in new york
   (1978, 2lp, usa, discreet)


frank zappa: lšther
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)


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