pete oxley & nicolas meier

the colours of time

2016 cd uk mgp records mgpcd019

recorded in may 2016 at mgp

produced by pete oxley and nicolas meier

cd 1 - duo

pete oxley: guitar
nicolas meier: guitar

  1. the key of klimt  (pete oxley)
  2. meeting dewa  (nicolas meier)
  3. a piece for peace  (pete oxley)
  4. waltz for dilek  (nicolas meier)
  5. princes' islands  (nicolas meier)
  6. in restless repose  (pete oxley)
  7. song for z.t.  (pete oxley)
  8. sahara  (nicolas meier)
  9. bosphorus  (nicolas meier)
  10. first day of spring  (pete oxley)

cd 2 - quartet

pete oxley: guitar
nicolas meier: guitar
ralph mizraki: acousti & electric bass
paul cavaciuti: drums

  1. the followers  (nicolas meier)
  2. looking west  (pete oxley)
  3. chasing kites  (pete oxley)
  4. riversides  (nicolas meier)
  5. tales  (nicolas meier)
  6. the purple panther  (pete oxley)
  7. breeze  (nicolas meier)
  8. fethiye crossroads  (nicolas meier)