othin spake

the nethack dictionary
    - feat. mauro pawlowski

2011 lp bel sub rosa

- ltd edition: 150 white vinyl & 150 black vinyl albums

recorded in concert between 2006 and 2011

  teun verbruggen: drums, electronics
  jozef dumoulin: fender rhodes
  mauro pawlowski: guitar
  shelley burgon: harp
  trevor dunn: bass
  fred vanhove: piano
  andrew d'angelo: sax
  andrew 'chi' claes
  magic malik: flute
  bruno vansina: sax

music by othin spake, all free improvisations  

side a

  1. bell of opening

  2. black shuck

  3. blind io

  4. chromatic dragon (tiamat)

  5. cram ration

side b

  1. grid bug

  2. kabuto

  3. the lady

  4. platinum yendorian express card

  5. ya