ostrich von nipple

Ostrich Von Nipple recorded his first, eponymous album in 2006.
In 2011, he released "Contemplates The Cosmos" on WM Recordings. The album featured Nolan Cook as a guest.

The German Psychofon Records released the "Ostrich Von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes" CD/EP in October 2012.

The CD that came with the December issue of German Ox Fanzine included an alternate version of 'Swarm & Punctuate", entitled 'Swarm & Punctuate Again'. It features Nolan Cook on guitar, rObOt on electronics and Shitty Bedford on horns.



  ostrich von nipple: s/t
    (2006, cd, usa, private release)

ovn_st.jpg (135000 bytes)

  ostrich von nipple: offers a hodgepodge
    (2011, cd, usa, private release) - feat. nolan cook

ovn_hodgepodge.jpg (15653 bytes)

  ostrich von nipple: contemplates the cosmos - concendensed
    (2011, cdr-promo, usa, private release) - feat. nolan cook

ovn_cosmoscondensed.jpg (29249 bytes)

  ostrich von nipple: contemplates the cosmos - concendensed
    (2011, cdr-promo, nl, wm recordings) - feat. nolan cook

ovn_cosmoscondensed.jpg (20147 bytes)

  ostrich von nipple: contemplates the cosmos
    (2011, cd, nl, wm recordings wmit 1024) - feat. nolan cook

ovn_contemplates.jpg (12769 bytes)

  ostrich von nipple: ostrich von nipple plays some shitty tunes
    (2012, cd, ger, psychofon records) - feat. nolan cook

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various artists: ox-compilation #105
    (2012, cd, ger, ox fanzine) - incl. ostrich von nipple

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  ostrich von nipple: oh, fearsome! nipple?
    (2013, cd, ger, psychofon records)

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  ostrich von nipple: quantifies absurdity
    (2014, cd, ger, psychofon records) - feat. nolan cook, molly harvey

ovn_quantifiesabsurdity.jpg (46076 bytes)

  ostrich von nipple: swarm suite
    (2015, 10", ger, psychofon records) - feat. nolan cook

  locust fellow & friends: curse of the baleful caller
    (2016, lp, ger, psychofon records) - feat. the boons of waxing gibbous and ostrich von nipple

locustfellow_curse_lp.jpg (65704 bytes)

  bretts milk: daddy's breath
    (2016, cd, ger, psychofon records pr007) - feat. ostrich von nipple, nolan cook

brettsmilk_daddysbreath.jpg (32154 bytes)

  ostrich von nipple: qualifies absurdity
    (2016, 3"cd, ger, psychofon records) - feat. nolan cook

ovn_pr0033c.jpg (25207 bytes)

  locust fellow & friends: by hook or by crook
    (2018, 7", ger, psychofon records) - feat. ostrich von nipple
  harvey & nipple: s/t
    (2019, 7", germany, psychofon records pr024) = molley harvey and ostrich von nipple
  various artists: the godfather of odd, a hardy fox tribute
    (2019, cd, austria, klanggalerie gg300)


random notes

January 2013 - a short chat with OVN

UniMuta : Dear O.,
Your latest release, "Ostrich Von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes", sounds fascinating. I love the strange and peculiar sounds that you use. It's like looking at an alien world.
I have to admit that I am not familiar with the music of Shitty Bedford. He's also part of The Goons Of Waxing Gibbous, right? Can you tell me a bit about the link between Shitty Bedford's musical world and yours?

Ostrich Von Nipple : You are correct, Mr. Bedford is a core member of the (sometimes) band "The Goons of Waxing Gibbous".  However, my collaborations with him go back further than that.  Originally it was r0b0t, Bedford, and The Chief hanging around making some noise as "Greener than Lou".  I joined them for a show at a house party playing keyboards and turntables.  I also served as the "emcee" for this event, introducing every song to the audience as "Southern Fried Nipple".   This party also served as an origin for some of our current personas.  We all decided to come up with names for ourselves on the fly.  Thus, "Ostrich Von Nipple" was born.  Later r0b0t, Bedford and I started writing tunes in an unnamed ensemble.  Eventually we all teamed up and brought in other members to form "Sneaky-Dink and the Six Times Four is Twenty-Four's".  The group finally morphed into "The Goons of Waxing Gibbous".  One day after a rehearsal Bedford came up and told me he'd love to hear some OVN solo music.  It got me thinking and working.  That work eventually became my self-titled CD.  We continue to work together on projects to this day.

UniMuta : I tell everyone who's in to The Residents, that they should check out your music. The Residents' influence is obvious and the result is astonishing. What music do you listen to?

Ostrich Von Nipple : I'm usually working on new material and obsessively listening to rough mixes.  When I get an opportunity to hear other music, I prefer to listen to 1950's-1960's Disney soundtracks (from animated films), classical Hindustani Ragas, The Bee Gee's and Shitty Bedford (of course).

UniMuta : I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Nolan Cook contributed to the album. He has a very distinctive sound. One that fits perfectly to the music that you create.
How does this work when you write or arrange a piece? Do you know in advance how a piece should sound? Or what a guest musician should add?

Ostrich Von Nipple : It varies from song to song and artist to artist.  At times I have something specific in mind for Nolan.  Other times I simply ask him to "go for it".  He usually nails the piece in such an unexpected way.  On the rare occasion that I go back to him for changes they are usually minor changes.  I have complete trust that he will deliver something appropriate and exciting and it makes the process an easy one.  Most of the other guest artists are closer to me geographically.  Therefore, the general approach is to get together and work out an idea that one of us has been nurturing.

UniMuta : "OVN Plays Some Shitty Tunes" got released on the German Psychofon Records label (http://www.psychofonrecords.com/). How did you get in contact with them?

Ostrich Von Nipple : Actually I was approached out of the blue by Psychofon.   Initially they contacted me to see about re-releasing older material (the first OVN CD).  At the time I was not interested in that.  However, I mentioned that I had just finished work on an EP of "cover" songs and asked if they would like to give it a listen.  Psychofon listened to the rough mixes and seemed to really enjoy the material.  It grew from there.  When I started the project I had no intentions of releasing it.  At most, it was meant to be gift for Bedford.  I find it interesting to see all the physical products created around something that was never really meant to be heard.

UniMuta : Your previous album got released by WMRecordings, this new one by Psychofon Records. Both are European labels. A coincidence?

Ostrich Von Nipple : That is a mere coincidence.  I am grateful to both labels for all their support and I love the open attitude Europe has towards underground music.  Psychofon has done an outstanding job with all of their OVN products.  I am thrilled that the EP has been handled artistically and with great care.

UniMuta : I was happy to see that "OVN Plays Some Shitty Tunes" got released on an old-fashioned CD. Is it important to you that it got a CD-release, or is the download-option more significant to you?

Ostrich Von Nipple : It was very important that if we were going to do an official release of this EP that it would be available on CD.  I still believe that the way a recording is packaged influences the musical experience.  I also prefer to buy actually CD's whenever possible.

UniMuta : Wise words. Thank you.


June 2011 - a short chat with OVN

UniMuta : Dear OVN,
I really enjoy your latest album, and I was wondering if I would be able to persuade you to answer a couple of questions.
"Ostrich Von Nipple Contemplates The Cosmos" sounds very adventurous and out of this world. I imagine that the entire album tells one story. Could you tell us in a few lines what the story is about?

Ostrich Von Nipple : Well, thank you...  The record is actually made up of smaller (and at times deeply personal) stories from a lyrical and individual song perspective.  However, the entire album structure has been compiled in a manner that implies a "story" from a musical perspective.  The implied story is intentionally obscured, but it does involve a "journey" of sorts. It is my hope that the "journey" is unique to the listener as the music is intended to suggest certain ideas, rather than dictate them.

UniMuta :  It's obvious that you are influenced by The Residents and by Snakefinger. Furthermore, one of the contributors to the album is (current Resident) Nolan Cook (Who fits in perfectly, by the way.) How did his contribution come about?

Ostrich Von Nipple : I have been a fan of Nolan Cook's work since around 1999 or 2000.  A few years back I stumbled across some of NC's solo work on the web.  I got in contact with him to see if this music was for sale or somehow available for public consumption.  He responded to inform me that it was not available at that time, and our correspondence began.  He had mentioned a desire to experiment with virtual recording sessions.  I had coincidently just finished a track and had been thinking to myself "this needs something like Nolan Cook-ish guitar on it...."  We began to discuss the technical aspects involved in accomplishing this type of collaboration and I soon sent him the first track - "Grumpy Crustaceans".  We have been working in a similar fashion since. Ironically, some of this solo work I was initially inquiring about has recently become available for download and can be purchased here: http://nolancook.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-nc-lab

UniMuta : Could you tell me a little bit about the other guests on the album? And how they did contribute? Did you make some sort of basic track on which everyone added bits and pieces, or did you have mutual recording sessions?

Ostrich Von Nipple : I typically bring a piece to near completion before I collaborate with guests and record their interpretation, or simply what the song may require.  We may be in the same room as this happens or work in a virtual manner.  Viola da Jarvis, Chief Savage Joe and r0b0t are all friends/colleagues from the Atlanta, GA group "The Goons of Waxing-Gibbous" (as well as various other bands).  Viola plays cello on one song and contributes vocals to another.  The Chief plays drums/percussion on a few tunes.  R0b0t plays guitar and electronics on a few tracks as well.  (Chief and b0t also help out on the "pottymouth" chant.)  Robot is also a crucial part of late production work and completes all the mastering.  Havyn the Hatchling contributes vocals to one tune, as well as all sounds and voices on another.  The Hatchling also provides inspiration and feedback for many other pieces as well.  It is important for me to note that all guest artists' contributions extend well beyond actually playing and recording and without them this music would not be available for anyone else to hear.

UniMuta : You have a MySpace site (http://www.myspace.com/ostrichvonnipple), but otherwise, not much is to be found about Ostrich Von Nipple on the internet. Is this your first musical project / first album?

Ostrich Von Nipple : I have recently created a page on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ostrich-Von-Nipple/188082897903468 ) and plan to add more information there in the future.  The Cosmos record is actually the second OVN attempt, but it is the first official release.  The first, self-titled, CD was handmade in very small quantities - a few of them were sold and a few were given out to friends.  A couple of the songs are still up on the ole' MySpace page.  There have also been a couple of promotional CD's which contain existing, alternate and unreleased material.

UniMuta : What are your future plans? Was "OVN Contemplates The Cosmos" a one-time project? Will there be concerts, or will there be a sequel? What else can we expect?

Ostrich Von Nipple :  Immediate plans are to continue working away.  We have been hard at work on a new full length record for quite some time now (expect to hear many of the same guest artists).  Significant progress has been made, but these things take time.  Although the topic of playing live has come up among the "band" there is nothing planned as of yet.  The possibility exists; however, conditions would have to be just right.  Also in work is an EP length recording and I have been discussing a new video for a Cosmos track with director Shitty Bedford.

UniMuta : Thank you, and good luck with the new album.


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