ossi duri feat. ike willis

live a vinadio
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2004 dvdr italy private release

recorded in vinadio, italy 2004/07/16

ossi duri
  alex armuschio: keyboards, vocals
  martin bellavia: guitars, lead vocals
  ruben bellavia: drums, vocals, some keyboardsd, vibes (9)
  simone bellavia: bass
  elio: lead vocals
  ike willis: lead vocals, guitar

all compositions by frank zappa, except 'fra' cappella'

  1. introduzioni
  2. heavy duty judy
  3. packard goose
  4. son of orange county
  5. the black page
  6. outside now
  7. sinister footwear
  8. keep it greasy
  9. fra' cappella
  10. echidna's arf
  11. contenuto speciale: in sala prove con elio e le storie tese ed ike willis
  12. contenuto speciale: fra cappella (a cappella)
  13. contenuto speciale: black page