oingo boingo

nothing to fear

1982 lp usa a&m records

    (1987, cd, usa, a&m cd 3251)

steve bartek: lead guitar, rhythm vocals
danny elfman: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
richard gibbs: keys, synths, bass vocals
kerry hatch: bass, key rhythm vocals
johnny 'vatos' hernandez: lead drums, rhythm drums, bass drums
sam 'sluggo' phipps: tenor, soprano
leon schneiderman: baritone, alto
dale turner: trumpet, trombone

produced by oingo boingo and joe chiccarelli

  1. grey matter
  2. insects
  3. private life
  4. wild sex (in the working class)
  5. running on a treadmill
  6. whole day off
  7. nothing to fear (but fear itself)
  8. why'd we come
  9. islands
  10. reptiles and samurai