- incl. 'if we'd all been living in california' (frank zappa)

1994 cassette usa mermaid records mer10

recorded june - october 1994

eric 'ric' cullen: proteus, piano, percussion, mouth harp, strum stick, beer bottle, vocals, vocalizations
diana gross: hammer and nails, saw
nick alva: sax, pvc pipe, percussion
john mulvey: acoustic guitar, proteus percussion
rené the gourmet: voice
greno murrell: zappa's antagonist  (on "california")

all songs by ric cullen, except where noted

side 1

  1. gang of thieves

  2. rockaway di

  3. zeng

  4. jewels

  5. earth will be a rock, studio

  6. if i were a carpenter  (hardin)

  7. "if we'd all been living in california"  (words: zappa / music: ric) / get it together

side 2

  1. cool red wings

  2. earth will be a rock, orig.

  3. rope

  4. stir it up  (marley)

  5. stranger here

  6. working fools

  7. earth will be a rock, live

  8. runnin' wild