chris opperman

concepts of non-linear time
    - feat. mike keneally and marc ziegenhagen

2004 cd usa purple cow records pcr 004

chris opperman: grand piano, fender rhodes
rachel arellano: vocals
robert thompson: violin
ben adams: vibraphone
marc ziegenhagen: mini-moog
mike keneally: male chorus, acoustic, electric & bass guitars, grand piano

produced mostly by chris opperman and mike keneally

mike harris: engineer
steve revilak: engineer
scott chatfield: engineer, mastering
chris opperman: paintings

  1. no memories, please  (c.opperman)
  2. where is green snails?  - 9 movements -  (c.opperman, r.thompson)
    1. sick on a saturday morning
    2. the ghetto line
    3. pearl st. station
    4. 4-wheelin' in naples
    5. charmed by a beautiful flautist
    6. chu chi
    7. the landsdowne st. playhouse
    8. composing stars by blue eyes
    9. not keeping in touch
  3. dora's aura  (c.opperman)
  4. reviving aeris  (c.opperman, m.ziegenhagen)
  5. the walls are coming down  (c.opperman, b.adams)

    california, 2000  - 5 movements -  (c.opperman, m.keneally)
  6. kamp keneally
  7. cruisin' w/blink
  8. the saddle ranch
  9. cynthia h.
  10. saying goodbye