chris opperman

beyond the foggy highway

2005 cd usa purple cow records pcr 005

[1]  2004/09/29 concert 'lestat's', san diego, ca, usa: tracks 1, 4, 8, 12, 14 & 15
  chris opperman: keyboards  
  andre lafosse: electric guitar
  isaac slape: bass
  kevin dooley: drums
  todd carey: elctric guitar
[2]  2003/11/20 concert 'tempest', west hollywood, ca, usa: tracks 2, 11, 16 & 17
  chris opperman: keyboards
  todd carey: electric guitar
  jen kuhn: electric cello
  isaac slape: bass
  kahlil sabbagh: drums
  kat parsons: vocals (track 7)
[3]  2002/08/16 concert 'the crooked bar', west hollywood, ca, usa: tracks 3, 6, 10, 13
  chris opperman: keyboards
  andre lafosse: electric guitar (track 3)
[4]  2003/06/21 concert 'the unurban', santa monica, ca, usa: tracks 5 & 9
  chris opperman: keyboards
  dann friedman: tenor saxophone
  jen kuhn: electric cello
  kahlil sabbagh: vibraphone & percussion
[5]  2001/10/-- rehearsal 'oppy central', la, ca, usa: track 7
  chris opperman: keyboards
  andre lafosse: electric guitar

edited by chris opperman, scott chatfield & mike keneally

produced by chris opperman

  1. the vampire lestat   (opperman, lafosse, slape, dooley)
  2. sad teenager wars   (opperman, kuhn, carey, slape, sabbagh)
  3. miles behind   (opperman)
  4. reap the whirlwind  (opperman, lafosse, slape, dooley)
  5. arrrby's   (opperman, friedman, kuhn, sabbagh)
  6. balanchine   (opperman)
  7. in sophia's silent dream  (opperman, lafosse)
  8. beware of the rndom factor   (opperman)
  9. taro lucious  (opperman, friedman, kuhn, sabbagh)
  10. theme from "failure"   (opperman)
  11. hitchhiker (prototype)   (opperman)
  12. the walls are coming down   (opperman, adams)
  13. reminisce (when i was a baby universe)   (opperman)
  14. build a funky loop   (opperman, lafosse, slape, dooley)
  15. don't forget about dre   (opperman)
  16. erik is a very lucky man   (opperman, sabbagh)
  17. someone to watch over me (gershwin, gershwin) / to return to you (parsons)