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     from: jon naurin (

she was never part of a touring band. i'm not sure, but looking at the personel on the photo in the btb2 scrapbook, i've always assumed that this band was sort of a transition phase between the spring and fall 1975 bands. or rather, an early version of the fall band. and judging from the photo, andre lewis wasn't in the band by then.

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violist novi novog rehearsed with fz in the summer of 1975, but decided not to tour with him. novi now plays in a band called freeway philharmonic:

 novi doesn't seem to be on e-mail herself, but i've sent questions through her bandmate larry tuttle twice and received replies both times. here's what they said:

[from 12/5/97:]
>the word from novi is:  she never made it on to any of the zappa albums. she was scheduled to be in the band with frank and napoleon murphy brock (who was supposed to hold her upside down over the audience), but novi (being novi) decided to stay loyal to her own band with her cousin - Chunky, Novi and Ernie.  novi credits frank with encouraging her to make the move from classical viola to electric viola.  he liked the sound of "stinky", her barcus-berry ax.

 [from 9/11/99:]
by the way, novi got all of those huge guys in her tiny datsun at once to go eat thai food.  pretty cool, huh??
frank said "these cars are only made for short people and japanese."

(all credits for viola unless otherwise noted)

  rebecca and the sunny brook farmers
    (1969, lp, usa, ??) - feat. chunky, novi and ernie
  1973 chunky novi & ernie- chunky novi & ernie (keyboards, vocals)  
  1974 allisons- allisons  
  1974 doobie brothers- what were once vices are now habits  
  1974 various artists - hard goods  
  1975 montrose- warner brothers presents...montrose  
  1976 chunky novi & ernie- chunky novi & ernie (synthesizer, violin, keyboards, vocals)   (different album than '73 issue)  
  1976 doobie brothers- takin' it to the streets  
  1976 simon, carly- another passenger  
  1976 mayall, john- banquet in blues  
  1977 harrison, don- not far from free  
  1977 freeway philharmonic- car tunes (keyboards, viola)  


1977 various artists- limo

1979 wood, lauren- lauren wood [1979] (synthesizer, viola)

1981 johnston, tom- still feels good

1981 wood, lauren- cat trick (synthesizer, viola)

1984 prince- purple rain (cello)

1984 sheila e.- glamorous life (violin)

1984 the time- ice cream castle (violin)

1984 fure, tret- terminal hold

1985 prince- round the world in a day (violin)

1985 christian, meg- from the heart (synthesizer)

1986 fure, tret- edges of the heart (keyboards, viola)

1986 twenty mondays- twist inside

1986 meyers, bill- images

1987 warnes, jennifer- famous blue raincoat

1988 vigard, kristen- kristen vigard (viola, string arrangements)

1988 fields, brandon- traveler

1990 brickell, edie- ghost of a dog

1990 ferron- phantom center

1990 williamson, cris- best of cris williamson                                                       

1990 narada wilderness collection

1991 plunkett, steve- my attitude (strings)

1991 brewer, spencer- piper's rhythm

1991 air supply- earth is...

1991 mcbroom, amanda- midnight matinee

1991 fiske, stephen longfell- stephen longfellow fiske

1992 rogers, kimm- two sides

1992 auto & cherokee- naked music

1992 warnes, jennifer- hunter (viola, string arrangements)

1993 emergence- laughing medusa theme series, vol.

1993 darby, terence trent- terence trent d'arby's symphony or (fiddle, harmonica, fiddle harmonics)

1993 kell, tom- angeltown

1993 sativa luvbox- beloved satellite

1993 young, paul- crossing

1993 bisharat, charlie- along the amazon

1993 mann, bryan wilkinson- cloud 10

1994 arkenstone, david- another star in the sky

1995 freeway philharmonic- sonic detour

1995 darby, terence trent- ttd's vibrator

1995 martin, moon- lunar samples (strings)

1995 freeway philharmonic- road to joy (piano, viola)

1995 ruso, lori- i believe in love again

1996 suncatcher- owlflower

1996 ferron- still riot (alto clarinet)

1996 hollywood christmas- hollywood christmas (violin)

1996 pop experience- pop experience

1996 sheffield jazz experience- sheffield jazz experience

1996 carter, valerie- way it is

1996 callen, michael- legacy (strings)

1997 kreviazuk, chantal- under these rocks and stones

1997 dog's eye view- daisy

1997 nicastro, michelle- on my own/on broadway

1997 gunn, cheryl- vanity of venus

1998 feinstein, michael- michael & george: feinstein sings g

1998 weiland, scott- 12 bar blues

1999 hawkins, sophie b.- timbre (arranger, viola)

1999 hart, beth- screamin' for my supper (strings)

1999 faithfull, marianne- vagabond ways

     christian, meg- best of meg christian

     chanukah at home


frank zappa: joe's camouflage
    (2014, cd, usa, vaulternative records)
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